Know Your Flood Risk


Who needs a Residio Flood Score (REFSCO)?

  • People who don’t know their flood risk

  • Anyone who doesn’t have flood insurance

  • Homeowners who want to be informed about their flood risk

Your REFSCO, Your Price

We believe being informed about your flood risk is so important that we refuse to let cost be a barrier. Whatever you can pay, that’s what it costs. There are no catches.

(The Residio Flood Score is only available in the state of Texas at this time)

A new model of flooding

The Residio Flood Score is a new engineering model with multiple patents pending.

We figure out how much rain it takes to flood your house and how often that could happen.

We do this by looking at both major types of flooding, compared to others, who only use one type.

Radical Transparency

Residio doesn’t just do things differently, we mean it. Every report comes with a breakdown of our costs.


The Residio Flood Score is the result of a hybrid-flood risk analysis, designed to capture flood risk, including the risks that FEMA misses.

FEMA misses $700,000,000 in damages to homes each year, 4500% more than 30 years ago.