Flooding is getting worse

Flooding outside of the FEMA floodplain has grown by 4,500% over the last 30 years. These floods primarily affect those without any flood insurance or protection.

Case-in-point: Houston has had two “1000-year floods” in the last two years.

Our proprietary Flood Risk Evaluation analyzes Flooding Risks for homeowners that FEMA misses. We simplify it with our Flood Risk Evaluation and REFSCO(Residio Flood Score) so you can understand your risk.


Get Informed. Get Protected.

The number of home floods is rapidly rising. According to data collected from the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP), over the last decade, an average of $700,000,000 damages in flood claims have occurred each year to homes NOT in a FEMA floodplain. This is a 1,000% increase since the 1990’s.

Only 15% of homes nationwide have flood insurance. This mistake costs the average flooded home over $100,000 in benefits compared to the $5,000 average payout from federal disaster relief aid.

Licensed Engineers Using Technology to Analyze Your Home’s Flood Risk

There are many factors when it comes to assessing flood risk. The technology that we’ve built takes into account these factors to provide a more accurate picture what your flood risk looks like. Your report will have a detailed description of your home’s flood risk based on actual data points.

Residio Engineering uses the technical expertise of licensed engineers combined with technology to help you make informed decisions about the flood risk of your home.



Residio is an engineering services firm dedicated to helping every homeowner understand their flood risk.

Our PRomise

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